E-Net Philippines conducted a Learning session on Positive Parenting bill

As part of its capacity building and awareness raising activities, E-Net Philippines conducted a Learning session on Positive Parenting bill held last November 25, 2023, at Hive Hotel, Quezon City.

E-Net Philippines invited Atty. Emma Salmani, Advocacy Manager of Save the Children Philippines to discuss the background, key highlights, and status of the Positive Parenting bill. She also presented the policy framework stemming from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to protect children from all forms of physical and mental violence, injury, abuse, and maltreatment.

During the open forum, it was highlighted that existing laws such as, RA 3185-revised penal code, PD 603-Child and Youth Welfare Code , RA 7610-Special Protection of Children Against Abuse Exploitation and Discrimination Act, don’t explicitly articulate the protection of children against physical and mental humiliating forms of punishment. The Positive Parenting bill is necessary to complete the legal protection of children. There are also some provisions in the existing laws that tolerate corporal punishment.

Some action points that the participants have agreed upon were to sign the petition to pass the bill, develop trainers or facilitators among E-Net members on Positive Parenting, engage in the passage of Bangsamoro Children’s Code, and facilitate a dialogue with the learners Child protection Group/ Youth Formation Division of Department of Education to be part of Positive Parenting Bill.

E-Net believes that when children are protected, their personal development is also nurtured, and access to education is likewise fulfilled.


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